Department of Therapy and Family Medicine training and research institute of postgraduate education

The department is located on the foundation of the Ternopil State Public Hospital № 2, the Centr of the elementary medical health aid (affiliate № 2), Ternopil State Pediatric Hospital (emergency department).

From the January, 1 2010 the departments’ group is headed by prof. Hrebenyk M.V. The department consists of:

1 professor:

P.H.D. Hrebenyk M.V.;

6 assistants of professor:

Lazarchuk T.B., head teacher,

Kryskiv O.I., responsible for medicinal craft,

Shostak S.Ye. responsible for scientific craft,

Zorya L.V.,

Buzko Ye.F.,

Butvyn S.M;

3 assistanses:

Zelenenka L.I.,

Mykulak V.R.,

Kotsyuba O.I.,

Levchyk O.I.

and laboratory assistant Bazar O.V.

The training and education of interns are providing by such specialities: “Internal Medicine”, “General practice – family medicine” and “Medicine of the emergency affairs”; the specialization trials by “General practice – family medicine” and “Medicine of the emergency affairs”, the precertificate training for therapeutic doctors and general practice' doctors, doctors of “Medicine of the emergency affairs” and the improvement topical trials “Functional diagnostic in internist’ practice” are conducted.

The specialists of the other near-by clinical departments of the education research institute postgraduate training (surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric) and medical faculty (Medicine of the emergency affairs, ophthalmology, otolargyngology, etc.) are enlisted for high-quality of interns’ and doctors’ training with specialities “General practice – family medicine” and “Medicine of the emergency affairs”.